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Tesla Training Center

Tesla Testimonials

Tesla Training works with students at all levels to learn the basics of electrical and HVAC-R services. We have experienced instructors who can work with you to master the basics and start your career in these two in-demand fields. 

Tesla Testimonials

The most helpful has been the on hands practice. I am a visual learner so practicing helps me
make mistakes and learn from them.

-Diego Herrera 



Very professional. Tesla provides the opportunity to learn practically and theoretically. The Teachers have extensive experience and are demanding when it comes to carrying out the practices outside the classroom, which is appropriate when starting to work as an electrician for a company. They have a good environment for learning including adequate facilities and respect for students. There are motivated and motivating teachers!

-Eduardo Segovia  


The hands on projects in class was by far the best. The board and the work lab was great.

-Rich Brown


Thank you very much for your teachings, Professor Jairo. And also, thank you to Carlos for his professionalism towards the students. May God always bless you in each of your projects.

-Catarino Garfias 

The instructor has academic and practical knowledge.

-Arturo Robledo 

The teachers are very good. They are always helping and making sure that the practices are completed and most importantly… are done safely for the whole group.

-Cesar Cachu 

Safety! Proper techniques on how to cut wire. (we are allowed to make mistakes and the instructor corrects us properly)

-Carlos Martinez



The teacher always asked us if we had any questions and also questions about practices outside the classroom. The practices were a great experience. 

-Juan Alvarez 

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