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The Tesla Training Center’s mission is to provide high-quality professional, career-oriented Electrical and HVAC courses leading to entry-level employment. The Tesla Training Center is committed to developing a solid foundation of technical skills, professional behaviors, and general knowledge in its students.


TTC provides tools for your training. Here is a list of tools that are needed as you enter your career.

Consumer Disclosure Data

Student Complaints

Student complaints are handled as follows:

Step 1: Students are encouraged to try to resolve their complaint or problem by first bringing the complaint to the instructor’s attention.

Step 2: If the Instructor is unable to provide a satisfactory solution, the student should see the Director of Education. Students are encouraged to voice any complaints, concerns, or suggestions to the Director of Education. If, in the opinion of the Director of Education, the complaint warrants documentation, an incident report will be completed.

Step 3: If the student remains unsatisfied after meeting with the Director of Education, the student should write down the nature of the complaint and the reasons for dissatisfaction. This written complaint should be given to the school’s President. Anonymous complaints will not be recognized. The President will respond within three working days of receiving the written complaint. The complainant will be provided with the school’s final decision regarding the complaint and the reasons for the decision.

Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE)

To register a complaint with the Illinois Board of Higher Education you can contact them at the following address:

Illinois Board of Higher Education
1 North Old State Capitol Plaza,
Suite 333
Springfield, Illinois 62701-1377

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