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Why Choose Us?

Practical Courses - Students study courses designed to provide a
practical, entry-level education that fits their needs and those of the highly
technical environment of today’s industry. Unlike other training providers, classes are focused on developing skills and knowledge quickly so that students can enter the workforce quickly.

Accelerated Schedule – Within six months, students have the skills and knowledge to begin their careers.

Flexible Course Schedule – Classes are conducted one day per week.
Each class is conducted for four hours. Evening and weekend courses
are available so that students can continue to work while attending


Multilingual Courses – English and Spanish classes are both offered.

Hands-on Training - Students learn by doing actual job-related projects and solving job-related problems.

Low Tuition – The Tesla Training Center is dedicated to offering the
highest quality instruction at the lowest tuition.


Highly Qualified Instructors – All instructors have years of fieldwork
experience as well as years of training new technicians. All instructors
care and ensure students are safe and ready to enter the workplace.


Industry Orientation - Training is shaped by and geared to the industry’s needs and entry requirements. Continuous feedback from the industry keeps training relevant and up to date.

Small Classes - Class sizes are limited to permit individual attention and personal instruction.

Admission Requirements – Students are not required to have a high
school diploma or Social Security Number to apply. Applicants must be at least 17 years old, have valid picture identification, pass the enrollment test and have the desire to work hard!

Employability Skills - Students are taught to be reliable, desirable, and
trainable workers, thus improving their chances of placement and retention after graduation and in future employment situations.

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