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About Us

Our Mission

The training at the Tesla Training Center will provide skills and knowledge for some of the fastest-growing careers in the U.S. economy. Training will incorporate hands-on skills training and job-related classroom study.
Course design is guided by working professionals in each career field, whose expertise helps ensure that your training remains up-to-date, relevant, and in demand. At The Tesla Training Center, students' success is the goal of every staff and faculty member who is eager for the opportunity to be a part of our students' new career development. TTC is dedicated to offering the highest quality education for all. We offer flexible schedules that allow students to work while attending classes. Classes are offered in English and Spanish. Programs are accelerated to allow students to enter their careers quickly. This is the initial application for Tesla Training’s Electrical and HVAC non-degree programs.

Who We Are

Tesla Training works with students at all levels to learn the basics of electrical and HVAC-R services. We have experienced instructors who can work with you to master the basics and start your career in these two in-demand fields. We are located on the north side of Chicago, providing in-person classes with hands-on training in our labs.

What We Do

Tesla Training offers classes in English and Spanish. We have flexible schedules so that you can continue to work while learning a new trade. We will teach you correct and safe methods to succeed professionally in these fields.

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