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 Job Outlook For HVAC/R Workers

What Could You Earn?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), HVAC/R technicians earn a median annual salary of $53,400. That's almost $6,000 more than the average of all construction and trade jobs. The BLS also reports that
top earners can take home more than $82,000.

What Does Employment Look Like?

The BLS estimates that jobs for HVAC/R workers will grow by 8% through 2028. That's over 59,000 new jobs.


Why Are HVAC/R Workers In Demand?

The biggest reasons for job growth in the HVAC/R field is construction and new heating and cooling developments. In the U.S., the population will grow by 2 million people per year until 2030, which means massive job growth from construction projects.

Where Are HVAC/R Workers Needed the Most?

When it comes to construction, HVAC/R workers are one of the first in to install HVAC/R systems. Infrastructure development also comes with new residential and commercial projects. Older buildings need to be
retrofit with technology and alternative energy sources.


Do HVAC/R Workers Need Licensing?

Licensing in the HVAC/R field differs state to state, but generally speaking, HVAC/R workers need EPA certification and training. Our program will prepare you for an apprentice-level job and the EPA

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