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Student Debt Assistance 

Student Debt Assistance Policy

The Tesla Training Center(TTC) is dedicated to providing a quality education that is financially
accessible and supports students in times of need. Therefore, TTC has a Student Debt Assistance
Policy in compliance with local, state, federal, and accrediting agency requirements. Section 20
(a) of The Illinois Student Debt Assistance Act requires higher education institutions to have a policy
outlining a process if a student experiences a physical or financial hardship that leads to a withdrawal. Per
the Act, the institution’s Physical and Financial Hardship Policy must aim to reduce the amount of debt
owed by students who need to withdraw due to significant financial or physical challenges and to support
their re-enrollment when they choose to return.
Listed below are the TTC’s policies regarding Financial Hardship Withdrawal, Distribution of Transcripts
and Diplomas, and policy for Returning Students.

Financial Hardship Withdrawal Policy
If a student cannot satisfactorily complete their program due to documented financial, physical,
or mental health reasons, they can request a hardship withdrawal through the Director of
Education. Such a withdrawal may be requested when a student faces an emergency or situation
that renders it impossible to continue in the registered program.
Examples of financial hardship include, but are not limited to:
• Serious injury or illness;
• Chronic illness;
• Medical issue of a family member in which the student has to become a part-time or
full-time caretaker of that family member;
• Mental health condition;
• A sudden or consistent lack of transportation issues; and
• A significant cost of living increase;
• Other situations at the institution’s discretion which are deemed to result in a
significant hardship to the student.

Before requesting a physical or financial hardship withdrawal, students need to understand the
• Students are not eligible for hardship withdrawals if they have completed the
• Please ensure that hardship requests are submitted promptly.
• Students may be asked for an interview as part of the process.
• A student who submits, or attempts to submit, a false application for a hardship
withdrawal (for example, to avoid a possible or pending poor grade, evade potential
disciplinary action, or circumvent current policies or procedures) will be considered
to have violated the Rules of Conduct. This will result in a denial of the hardship
• Incomplete forms and requests made without proper documentation will not be

Hardship Withdrawal Process

Students experiencing physical or financial hardship and wishing to request a credit on the
tuition charges or fees must complete the Physical and Financial Hardship Request Form and
submit significant supporting documentation from a qualified medical or relevant professional.
The documentation must illustrate how the student's specific situation affected some, but not all,
of the program.
The Director will thoroughly review the form and documentation, promptly contact the qualified
medical or relevant professionals, diligently gather information from the administration office
and faculty, and decisively determine the approved amount of tuition credit, if any.
All decisions will be promptly communicated to students via the email account they used to
register for the program within 30 days of the request.
• If approved, the tuition charge would be based on the last date of attendance. Any
charges after that date would be waived. The approval letter would specify the
credited amount of the tuition.
• If the request is denied, the letter will explain the denial. This may include
insufficient documentation, unconfirmable information, inaccurate documentation, or
a request made over 12 months after the last date of attendance. Note: If it is
determined by the Director that a student is not capable of completing this process,
the student’s parent, guardian, or legal next of kin may act on behalf of the student.

Transcript and Diploma Distribution
TTC will not withhold an official transcript, regardless of any student debt owed.
TTC will provide an official transcript and diploma even if the current or former student owes a
debt if the student requests the official documents to:
• Complete a job application
• Transfer from one institution to another
• Join the United States Armed Forces or Illinois National Guard
• Pursue other postsecondary opportunities
Requests can be made to the Director of Education.
Re-admission Policy
A student with a current debt to TTC and seeks re-admission to the program, may request an
interview with the Director of Education to negotiate a reasonable payment and tuition plan to
allow the student to continue in the program.

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