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Updated: Nov 3, 2023

We are glad you have joined our community of curious people who want to make changes, learn new information, and help build strong working relationships.

The Tesla Training enter (TTC) wants to build a community of ‘movers and shakers’ who question the norms, learn new information about services we use daily, and are ready to make or help someone else change.

TTC is a small community training center that teaches heating and cooling(HVAC/R) and electrical technical skills. Our mission is to help anyone who wants to work hard to learn new skills to move into these trades. We teach classes in English or Spanish. Our doors are open to many who do not meet the admission requirements of other schools. We work with students to develop professional skills. We match up great employers with our graduates so that they can move one step closer to their financial goals. Bettering the community with hard work and success. Elevating the future of our community.

This blog will provide information on electrical, HVAC/R, and career education trends. We will give you tips on how to keep your home safe and efficient.

We want to build interest in the skilled trade fields. Discuss ways to get into those trades. Share the excitement and passion we feel about the electrical and HVAC/R fields. If you are concerned about the impact of electrical, HVAC/R on our environment, or how to get trained in the trades or how a local community school change lives, or how can to reduce utility bills, or where to find a skilled tradesperson for a project, or your company, then you want to subscribe to this blog. Join us on this journey.

Ask questions. Get involved with your community to help us attain our goals and build a better City. The Tesla Training Center is located in the heart of Roger’s Park. For more information, check out our website:

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